How To Become A Rich Woman Without A Rich Husband And Rich Parents

Women often expect financial assistance from their husbands and parents. This is a very important topic, and today we will put together a st...

Women often expect financial assistance from their husbands and parents. This is a very important topic, and today we will put together a step-by-step plan for self-driving towards wealth.

Why do I have the right to talk about it? I have been an investor for over fifteen years. My passive income is much larger than my expenses. My assets are now over a million dollars! And I started the path to financial freedom as an ordinary teacher at school.

Today I want to draw up with you a real step-by-step plan, a roadmap "How to become a rich woman."

Often men ask how to become richer, how to increase their cash flow? Most often these are single men and I advise them to get married. The advice, of course, is comic, but it has a foundation!

Because a woman/wife will immediately find where to invest money: where to send the children to study, where to go on vacation next year, what car to buy, and so on!

Dreams of needs appear and immediately the well-being of the husband/man increases. Here is a little comic introduction.

I think that all of you who are reading this article once drew a wheel of life balance, which is divided into eight sectors. And if not everything is perfect in the sphere related to money, you need to look where the narrowest neck is, the very place that does not allow this sphere to be made harmonious and as full as possible.

Today we will draw up several items in our wealth plan. And, if you do not go through every point, do not work it out, then you can skip to the second. Because there will be no result.

Remember how in your family, when you were still very young, how you spoke about money, how you spoke about it.

There are two options:

We don't really need money, we can live without money, money is not so important.

Your family respected the power and energy of money; they said that money gives power and opportunities.

As you might guess, but the first option is leading in our families, we, unfortunately, grew up in Soviet times and most of us have just such an attitude from childhood.

And as it has already been proved by many scientific psychologists, what thoughts and words are, such is the reality.

"All the money is in our head"

That is, what thoughts and words we think and say about money, we will have such a result with money.

Thus, point 1 of our roadmap "How to become a rich woman" reads like this:

Work on negative attitudes about money.

It is not easy, but without it, there will be no result. There are many ways to work it out. One of the easiest ways to find out your beliefs is this. Take a piece of paper and write down the first thing that comes to mind about money (twenty points), without hesitation.

It is better to do this in the morning when you woke up when the brain has not yet turned on when the subconscious mind is working very hard. And after analyzing your list, you will understand a lot and see your picture of the world. A picture that prevents you from moving on.

Goal setting.

This is the PURPOSE. This is intrinsic motivation. And if you do not have internal motivation why you need money, why do you need money, then there will be no money.

The goal is a very deep point, without work on which, we also will not move further.

Please imagine how much money you need now and think about why you need this money. Why, why do you need to be rich.

This topic is very important! Without intrinsic motivation, nothing will happen.

It is possible, for example, that you don’t need money, but with all your heart you want to meet the man of your dreams or find your calling in life. In this case, working with money will not give results. Don't kid yourself, be honest with yourself.

These two points are fundamental and take time.

Understanding how cash flow works.

Each of us makes money in one of four squares:

1). Salaried employees. The cash flow comes from the manager and here we sell our working hours)

2). Self-employed, that is, those who have created their own business and work for themselves. (Hairdressers, beauticians, stylists, etc.).

Cash flow will become impossible if these self-employed do not do something with their own hands.

3) Businessmen are those people who already have people under their authority. And cash flow is possible without the direct participation of the head.

4) Investors. These are people who have learned to invest their cash flow from the first, second, or third square in such a way that money brings money.

Rate yourself, what square are you in?

What is important to understand here?

Cash flow can be generated from all three squares. And to make sure that the money that you have left makes the money itself, you can only square investors.

Investors are actually few, only about one percent of the total population, but they are the ones who feel the best.

It is they who allow themselves any wishlist, are not afraid of their desires and they actively participate in all projects, in all undertakings, their word is appreciated and they are listened to.

Yes, this just confirms that money gives power and energy.

The investor generates passive income! Passive income is the income that comes from invested funds, from investments, even if you are no longer working.

Imagine that you can invest your money in such a way that it gives you so much money that it covers your monthly expenses.

And you get a cash flow from investing, which allows you, for example:

quit work and never work again.

  1. do what you love to
  2. have a lot of free time - do your favourite hobby and so on!
  3. You cannot become a rich woman without passive income!

Even if you get a lot of money at work if you make a brilliant career and have a big salary. If any critical situation occurs and you have no other opportunity to make money, the wealth will go away.

So, Step 4 to Create a Rich Woman - Create Passive Income!

How to become a competent investor?

Explore all possible ways to invest!

Without a clear understanding of the purpose and tools, we will not get anywhere. Remember Alice in Wonderland was asked "where are you going?", And the girl answered: "I don't care where to go." “If it doesn't matter where to go, then you won’t come anywhere,” the cat answered her.

Therefore, our task is to understand where to go, where to go, what such passive income is and how you can earn it.

Thus, we understood what passive income is, we worked with our beliefs, we have a clear goal, the focus is directed in the right direction and allows us to see opportunities.

Where can you invest?

For example, I invest mainly in commercial real estate and securities. Unfortunately, most people do not see these opportunities and do not understand where to invest.

And here the most important thing is the focus of attention!

Focus on opportunities, on the money.

For example, I will give such a case in the mountains of Italy. We drove along the road for a long time and we had nothing to keep the children busy with. We asked them to count all red cars. Believe it or not, it was the red cars that we came across most often! This is how the focus of attention works! Before that, there was not a single red car, and when we started counting red cars, you started to come across red cars!

This is exactly the same magic focus of attention, about which they say: "where the focus is, there is energy."

And if you start to notice all the money stories in your life: how do you get money and so on, then you will begin to expand your world towards money, and then the flow of money energy will begin to move towards you!

Another tool for focusing attention is keeping a money diary.

Every day, every evening, you need to write down all cash events in it: somewhere during the day you earned more money, someone gave you more change or someone gave you a bigger discount, or somehow money appeared in your life.

Notice at least a small monetary history every day, and you will not notice how there will be more of them every day! Thus, your brain, your subconscious and consciousness will open towards money.

A deep study of investment instruments.

For example, find out what real estate is rented at what prices, how much you can buy, what purchase options are, and so on. Communication will help here. I have a group where my colleagues and I share information on personal securities.

Understanding the investment strategy!

How does an investor act? What is the formula for investors? And what is the formula for poor people?

Ninety-nine percent of the population lives by the formula:

Earned - Spent = 0

From paycheck to paycheck.

Or the second version of the poverty formula:

Earned - Spent = Put ​​aside and spent again.

It's all about poverty, it's all about the fact that we will never get out of this race in a circle.

The investor formula is very simple.

Subtract expenses from income and invest the rest.

Everything is very simple!

We must form a habit of not saving and spending, but saving and investing!

Invest in various investment instruments.

The first time, of course, the habit will not appear, the second too. It takes discipline and consistency. I have already spoken about twenty-one days.

Most people do not have the habit of spending money correctly, investing correctly and multiplying it correctly. This habit takes time, it takes desire, and it takes regular action.

Create the right environment

Change your environment! Why? Because of the financial ceiling, the level of our income is the arithmetic average of our environment.

Take and make a list of 10-20 people in your immediate environment. Who do you spend the most time with, with whom we communicate the most, share your thoughts and secrets? And write roughly what is the average salary of these people.

If you take the arithmetic average of the income of all your acquaintances and divide by the amount: here you will get your financial ceiling, above which you cannot go.

Therefore, you need to change the environment, you need to find in your environment some kind of business community, which circles of interest, and so on.


Another tool that helped me get out of the rat race was practice! Practice. A-game.

We won't get far without practice at the level of insight. But really risking large sums is very dangerous! How, then, to practice?

Practice through play. Investor simulator. Cash flow game

The more you play this game, the faster you will learn to invest. You will become a wealthy person.

Daily steps towards the goal

Small daily steps to wealth. A small step can be reading a book, watching some kind of training, calculating your finances, developing money habits, working on beliefs, changing your environment.



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Good Miss: How To Become A Rich Woman Without A Rich Husband And Rich Parents
How To Become A Rich Woman Without A Rich Husband And Rich Parents
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